iron/painted steel fretwork

swissmissNovember 30, 2004

I want to have three (one approx 36" x 4"; two approx 24" x 4")ironwork panels made to put on my kitchen hood (design is basically a series of 3" circles and diamonds within circles). I was quoted $1600 - is this shocking to anyone but me? Is there some source for stock steel design parts I could have welded together? Many thanks!

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I'll take a stab at this.........It's hard to tell you exactly without a picture or drawing of what you want fabricated, but yes $1600 does sound high to me. Are these panels solid metal with the cirlces/triangles cut out, or do you want the circles/triangles formed out of steel rod and welded together?

$1600 should buy you several days of shop time, and I just can't imagine the pieces you describe (small size) taking that long to construct.

Perhaps you could provide more detail about your idea?


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David - thanks for your posting; sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this.... the pieces would need to be welded together (I imagine the fabricator would use, say, 1/4" steel strips to make it). I am actually aiming to copy a photograph of a kitchen hood on one of last year's issues of This Old House magazine. If I knew how to take a digital photo of the magazine photo, it would make things clearer; maybe I can get someone to show me how to do this. Thanks for your interest; I really want to get this made, but the price is just too high. Be back with a photo (hopefully )...

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Swissmiss, If there is a steel supply place in your area, it might be worth a trip to pay them a visit. The steel company where I occasionally buy steel stock like angle iron, rod, square tubing, rod etc. has a wall covered with a lot of design pieces. Perhaps you could find something similar to what you are looking for that could be welded together to take a lot of the work out of the job. For a better idea of what I am talking about, peruse this site. You should be able to copy and paste this into your browsers address bar, then enter. They have many categories to sort thru.
Hope this helps some.
Bill P.

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Well after your clarification it definitely sounds like the $1600 is too much. A scanned image of that magazine cover would help make a more accurate estimation of the time/work involved.

I had another thought for you to try: there are suppliers that provide the pieces for metal shops to make railings, gates, and other ornamental items. These places carry a surprising amount of prefabbed panels with various patterns, scenes, leaves, etc. already made that are meant to be welded into the center of a garden gate (or similar) to provide the main focal point. You probably should check these out, prices would be (guessing) $15 to $50 for most of them. Try these websites: (go to catalog, then the drop down for "cast iron castings" and then "center door friezes") (also has similar items)

Good luck, David

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