Sexless marriages and computers?

Gardener972October 31, 2007

How many wives/spouses out there who are living in sexless marriages are married to men who are in the computer industry?

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Not me- husband in computer industry, sex life is great.

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I've got one for you. My wife spends more time reading and talking about appliances on the gardenweb then she does communicating with me. When you throw in the sexless marriage (by definition), it does apply. I logged on tonight just to check it out (she checks it in the morning and in the evening). She spends all the time on the appliance section. I don't think she is too concerned about our marriage.

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Appliances? Eew. I'm so sorry.

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Are the appliances...uh - operated by batteries?

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It would almost be better if they were those appliances. At least that would be something.

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