Autodarkening Helmet

horseman1November 13, 2004

I picked one of these up for $50.00 at Harbor Freight. I sure think its neat. The adjustable shade is really something. Anyone else have any comments about these helmets? I'm glad I used the traditional helmets first, but the autodarkening ones are a pleasure to use.


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Well, lets see Kurt. I say congratulations and agree that they are a pleasure to use. Ain't technology great ? They make it a lot easier for me, at least. Well, most of the time is is anyway, someone cut a fibre optic cable down between Terrell and Forney early this morning and our cable internet and T.V.s have been off all day while they spliced all them little strands individually. Just now came back up.
It also amazes me how fast the price is coming down on them helments, wasn't long ago at all when the prices that I saw were 2 or 3 hundred dollars and up. Enjoy that welding hood.
Got any snow up around Colorado Springs ? I love that area, been there quite a few times. Snow is forcast for our panhandle tonight, or at least it was early this morning before the cable got cut.
Bill P.

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I bought one of those from H.F. too several months ago. I'm quite pleased with it. Only problem I see is when using the stick welder at 70 Amps or below it can be dificult to start the arc, and once the window goes dark it takes a second or so to clear. Not a big problem but a little annoying when trying to restart. Glad I bought one.


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A minor nuisance John, still beats the heck out of trying to strike the ark in the dark. I have been known to have a few problems striking an arc at 90 amps upon occasion, but that is probalby because that I do not always grind the metal free of rust and or paint, unless it is something that is real important that I want to make sure I get a good weld on and grind a good bevel on. Or using up a piece of rod that has been laying around, things like that The helment that I am useing came off one to those tool trucks that make the rounds of auto dealerships body shops. My son got it for me awhile back and the cost was more than I wanted to pay. However, it does not take long at all to recover from a failed or accidental arc., about like blinking. It amazes me that they can darken quick enough to protect your eyes.
Bill P.

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Lots of snow off and on, but it usually goes away pretty fast. The first one was in September. Its snowing today again, we have about 3" on the ground out here right now. BTW, I lived in your neck of the woods in the ealy 80s. I rented a house in the Colony for a little while (is that where you are at ?). I also lived in Garland, Mesquite, North Dallas... I moved around a lot when I was working in Dallas.


Mine has a switch inside the helmet for fast/slow. I think that is the "how long after the light source is gone do I stay dark" switch. Maybe yours has one.


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Then we have nearly crossed paths many times Kurt. I have lived in and around Mesquite which is on the east side of the metroplex for a long time. The Colony is on the north side of town. There has been such amazing growth in and around here since the early 80s it is almost one huge city from miles out on either side, encompassing the mid cities, Ft Worth and all the surrounding suburbs. Down town vacant office buildings have been turned into lofts, condos, shops, they are making a huge grocery store in the old continental trailways bus station at present. You are lucky to have that "Home, home on the range" Kurt. At the time I retired, a real nice guy that I knew in N. Dallaw was splitting his time between here and there, developing ranchettes or housing additions kinda up on the S.E. side of Pikes peak. He emailed me a link where you could see a little streak up there that he said was his development, which I guess would be kinda in the mid lower left if you were standing in Colorado Springs and looking at Pikes Peak. You may know about where I am talking about.
Bill P.

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I have used different types of helmets from Harbor Freight some do not work well for tig welding, but are allright for stick. I now have two types that I,m trying out one has the switch inside the helmet. Both are about $50 each on sale. One has batteries and the other recharges a battery every time you strick an arc. I have been useing them for over a year.

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I have a HB freight solar powered auto-darkening welding helmet with two adjustments - darkening, and responsiveness. The responsiveness is handy for avoiding false darkening when working in tight quarters.

I prefer the autodarkening helmets because I have a very difficult time getting a helmet to flip down with a nod. Either I have to get the band way too tight or the thing falls off my head (not good). I tried a manual one with a flip-up lens but found that I would forget to flip it down too often and got tired of the flashing.

One drawback to the HB models is the lack of replacement polycarb lens shields. I solved that by getting some plastic at Tap Plastics and cuttng my own lens shields.

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