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mule412November 22, 2005

i have emblem off of a cadillac and i want to attach it to a chain and wear it around my neck. I tried sodering it but it wouldnt stick. I took it to a jewler and he said the emblem was a "platt" metal? Its just and ordinary emblem and is chrome coated. Should i try welding it or just get it hot and stick the chain into it, or any other suggestions.


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The emblems on cars these days are made of a cheap pot or plat metal casting. There is no way I know that you can weld such dissimilar metals.
Your best bet would be to epoxy the thing on the chain.
That emblem will melt way faster than the steel in the chain will.

Good luck


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Agree with Worth,

or you could "attach" some kind of a hook by drill and tap a tiny hole.

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yar got it sewed up now, hit it with the jb weld and its sitten pretty thanks worth

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