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crooked1February 22, 2013

Our architect has made the first drawing of our house. There are going to be some changes made to the stairs/ great room, kitchen, and other areas. I need help making the kitchen work. We recently bought a new-in-box older model 27" gaggenau steam oven that has a left swing door, so we need to find a place to put it. We will also have a single 30" wall oven, built in microwave, 32" all fridge and separate 32" all freezer, 36" induction cooktop with vent fan over it, and a beverage fridge. I would like to put the 33" stages sink in the island for prep. I'm thinking about the silgranit performa 33" for the cleanup sink. The MW doesn't have to go over the wall oven, but I don't want it under the counter. Thought about putting the steam oven under the MW. The fridge and freezer can go next to each other and look like one unit, or apart.

It's just my husband and me right now, planning to start a family soon. I want a functional kitchen. It is about 17x15. I would like the cooktop to be centered on the longer wall. The size of the island can change, I'm thinking 4 1/2 by 8 ft. We would like some seating around island for quick lunches and snacks, and for socializing while cooking. The dining room will be where most dinners will be eaten.

I'm worried that if we have the cleanup sink under the window (which I want to make bigger than drawn) that it will be one of the first things you see when walking from the entry into the great room and kitchen. Will it look funny to have the wall oven and baking area under the window and the cleanup sink on a wall without windows, like in drawing 2? In that drawing the cleanup sink is closer to the dining room too.

I know the pantry is not in an ideal place, but that's where I can get the most space. Placing the fridge near the pantry as in drawing 2 isn't ideal either in this setup, but I can't change the swing of the door. With just the 2 of us we don't really have a problem with cooking interference. When guests are over they can get drinks from the mini fridge, so that should be ok too. I just don't know about when we have children, will the fridge placement in drawing 2 work? I have tried many different ways to place everything, I can't get it right. Please help!

I don't know how to post more than one photo at a time. The 1st photo is the overall house.

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Graph paper 1

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Drawing 2

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What style is your home/kitchen? If anything BUT traditional, I would strongly urge you to consider deleting the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, and turn the island 90 degrees. This way, from the kitchen you can look out at your guests seated at the island, and across the island into the great room, and from the great room looking back at the kitchen you would see a much more welcome sight of the bar seating and the range (rather than the end of a skinny island view). You would lose cabinets on the bottom wall, but you would get a much larger island.

Or you could add a couple of feet of depth front to back, allowing you to turn your island.

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Read the "new to kitchens..." thread post by buehl. there you will lots of info including how to post more than one photo in a post.

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