Show me your fridge surrounds with pullout pantry

susanne283February 11, 2013

We plan on having a fridge surround custom built. Our house had a new kitchen when we moved in, but the fridge was in a small closet off the kitchen. We have moved it into the kitchen and are looking for ideas. Many thanks.....

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Is this what you are looking for ? The pullout is to the left, you can barely see a bit of it in the picture. It's a broom closet pullout, not a pantry pullout. The trim at the top is on a piano hinge. So I can lift it up and lay long things on top of the fridges. Also, if I ever get a new fridge, it does not have to be the exact sme dimensions. I have the option of going taller by just removing the trim piece, or cutting it down shorter.

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The picture below is a2gemini's pullout. Now that she is retired she must be busy because I haven't seen posts from her lately. I don't think she will mind my posting her fridge/pullout pantry so here it is along with a link that shows some other ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pullout pantry

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Thanks badgergal, that is just what I was thinking of. Not sure I will be able to have one that is quite that wide, but every bit of storage helps.

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I will have a mirror image of A2gemini's set up. Countertop, fridge, then 12 inch pantry pull out, then utility closet (existing, actual closet not cabinets). Demo start the end of April, so no pics yet...

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Here's ours in the last kitchen. Don't have a picture of the cabinets open.

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I have two. They aren't around a fridge so I don't know if this helps you.. The top and bottom shelves are attached to the door. I chose that b/c I think it's a little easier to see and also it makes it lighter to pull out.

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Don't have pics since we've finished kitchen, but here are our 'two' pantries surrounding our fridge. Left side is regular pullouts, right side is a pullout unit from Lee Valley-(sidemount) that allows me to fit mop in there too!

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Babka NorCal 9b

Here's ours from 8 yrs ago.


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We did drawers on the bottom with pullouts only on top.

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I have a Lee Valley pullout with the attached door. It is extremely well built. Holds a ton of food. We have used it for 7 years and it is perfect. Can't do better than Lee Valley and they have free shipping offers and great service. c

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Thanks badger
I may be retired but on my first consulting gig. Left DH at home.
And not much time to surf as the days are long. (12+ hours)

Susanne- ours is 12 inches wide and DH loves to show off the pantry. I do have a pantry closet as well.

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