Trying to find some one with brake press

LaneGGNovember 16, 2012

I'm trying to find someone locally with a brake press to make me two small SS shelves. Or possibly someone who is willing to do it and ship to me for a reasonable price.

Here is a description;

I want to have made two small shelves.

These would be made from .080" (or so) stainless and have two 90 degree bends. Length of shelf one would be 27" long and the other 32". The width of the blanks would be approx. 6.250". They would be bent length wise with one bend 2" from one edge and the other 1" from the other edge forming a U shaped channel with unequal sides and the inside width of the bottom at 3.250" (+/- .080"). The bend radius would be approx .200" (or whatever die close to that that you have).

You would not have to "finish" the ends or round the corners. I can do that.

I live just north of Marysville WA.

Any advise or takers?

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Our Harbor Freight has press brake for $200. Or CraigsList. Heating + Cooling guys are the best benders for that thin stuff.

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