Strange Heating problems at bottom of steel structure

rupplayNovember 22, 2010


We've create steel loft to add floor space. Loft is made up of steel frame. For some strange reasons, we are finding that bottom of beams are always warm.Loft was built about 4 months ago. I'd really appreciate if you could help me identify the problem.

Please download pictures and floor plans for our loft area using this link.

1. Nirmal.jpg file shows overall layout of two loft plans. One is Workers Loft and other one is Manager/meeting loft. The problem of base heating is with smaller (management) loft.

2. Manager loft is smaller than regular loft.

3. "2.pdf" and "22.pdf" shows the detailed drawing as we got from Interior Designers.

4. I have aattached some pictures of actual loft.

"Img_0001.jpg" shows the loft and and support in far view. The one very close to camera is not a problem. You will see smaller loft is supported by about 5 beams embedded in wall and one round steel pipe in middle.

"Img_0002.jpg", "Img_0038.jpg", "Img_0039.jpg", "Img_0046.jpg", "Img_0048.jpg", "Img_0073.jpg" & "Img_0018.jpg"shows the complete structure with problem.

"Img_0031 (1).jpg" shows view from top. Base of this round steel pipe shows maximum heat effect. All other beams in this structure show heat effect to certain extent.

"Img_0031.jpg" shows section of support.

IMG_0880[1].JPG , IMG_0882[1].JPG, IMG_0883[1].JPG shows the cover of tiles of same section.

5. Some elimination of possibilities.

a. I touched the walls at joint of horizontal and vertical beams, but could not find any heat there.

b. Warmness only feels near bottom of each support. Heat effect is reduced as we move away from support.

c. Our unit is on first floor. The unit on Ground floor is not functional at the moment.

d. We have done some basic electrical testing and there is no sign of current in any steel part of structure.

e. We could touch round support pipe in the middle and at the bottom. Pipe is not showing any heat effect in the middle but only shows heat effect at bottom near joint with steel plate.

f. Heat can be felt by touch from hand. I would think it is about 5C warmer than surrounding area.

Please let me know if you need any other information to help dissect this problem. Also, if you have any comment about stability of structure, it would be easier to fix now than later.

Thanks for all your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Download Files

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