Anyone had a Celtic handfasting at their wedding?

NikeSeptember 8, 2006

I am getting married in January and am very interested in having the Celtic handfasting ceremony performed. Does anyone know of a good website or book that will aid our officiant in performing the wrap? (Ex: How long should the wrap be? How are the hands tied? What is spoken and by who? When in the ceremony is this performed? When is it removed?)

Any bit of information is HIGHLY appreciated! :)

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I googled it, and came up with this site that seems to have a lot of information. It also has a place where you can send an e-mail at the top of the page, that might be helpful for any questions you may have. Hope this helps!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Handfasting Info

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Thank you so much Verena! That was a very useful site!!

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