Ultracraft anyone?

aliris19February 3, 2011

Anyone have any first-hand experience with Ultracraft cabinets please? Thanks!

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I installed Ultracraft's Destiny line in my kitchen in July. I used the door style Breckenridge Wide, in Beach White, and on my island and breakfast banquette I used Chocolate on maple. I have been very pleased with the cabinets and their construction. My kitchen (in an 1889 Victorian in San Francisco) has 12 foot + ceilings, and Ultracraft lets you customize heights and widths at a very affordable price point. I got another quote from another cabinet company that was the same price within a couple thousand dollars as the Ultracraft, but would have cost me a lot more to get the custom heights and widths I needed.

Ultracraft is a very good company to deal with. The crown molding that was shipped with my cabinets was a different shade of paint than the doors. They had apparently not been painted with a second coat of paint (or perhaps a different dye lot) than the rest, and Ultracraft fixed it with very little fuss. I have to say the guy who I bought my cabinets from is terrific and has a great relationship with the company, so that helped get things done quickly and smoothly. If you are in the SF Bay Area let me know and I'll give you the name of the person I bought them from.

The one thing I wish I had done was get fewer two door cabinets and more drawers instead. The drawers are ergonomically much easier to access and faster. With the traditional two door cabinet, you have to open the doors and then pull out the rolling shelf to access. So consider using more drawers.

Thanks to Angela 12345 for prodding me to write this!

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Farmersdaughter -- Was the guy you dealt with Gary C. by any chance? I'm in SF, and am strongly considering going with Ultracraft through him.

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Thanks, farmersdaughter! Would you happen to have any pictures? Not that it's very easy to assess quality from pictures...

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Ultracraft is one of the brands we are considering because they are frameless and have a 100 years warranty. However we have no idea of the cost yet. Are you able to give me an estimate of cost per cabinet or linear feet? The KD appointment is in one week and they do not want to give me a cost estimate before the appointment. We do not know whether this will be way above our budget or not. Thanks!

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@readheaddeluxe - yes Gary from KitchenSync is the guy. He is terrific.

@aliris - did you check their website? I note that they've redone it and have a lot of good photos on there. I'll take a couple photos in the morning and put them up but I am not a very good photographer.

@kitchendreaming - sorry I can't give you a cost per cabinet or linear foot. And the costs vary significantly depending on which door style you choose, and how tall your ceilings are. I can tell you it was around $25,000 for a 350 square foot kitchen, which included double uppers, lowers, island and breakfast banquette. There are a lot of cheaper lines out there including within Ultracraft, but none that I think offer as a good a price to quality ratio.

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We installed Ultracraft cherry almost 7 years ago here in Houston. We had 3 teenage/young adult sons at home + all their friends. Cabinets still look great and I love them.

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Thanks, Farmersdaughter. One step closer to going with Ultracraft and Gary!

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In my old house I had the vision line of Ultracraft and was not happy. The color (or how ever they get stain on) was chipping off the door. I did look at the destiny line at my cabinet store and they were more money than Kraftmaid and are not made of plywood.

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thanks farmersdaughter!

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Thanks for the review, farmersdaughter !! Ultracraft is the line that my builder uses and recommends, so it helps to get some feedback on them. It doesn't seem like many people use them, as the threads I have found don't have much response on them. Several people say that they considered them but did not end up using them. I would be interested to hear the reasons others decided against Ultracraft. Thanks !

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I'm also interested in seeing pictures of the cabinets in a real-life kitchen, farmersdaughter if you are still game to post pictures I'm interested! Especially since I'm considering Breckenridge / Beach White so was surprised to see that your pictures might be really helpful to us!

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dreamojean, we did end up using Ultracraft and I am super happy with them. Although, our cabinets are cherry with the chestnut stain, so not the white that you are looking at. I have a very long post about my cabinets, and cabinets in general in this thread ... http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg0206313721622.html

I have also talked about them in a lot of other threads ... http://www.google.com/search?q=ultracraft+angela12345+site:gardenweb.com+-%22clippings+by%22

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I recently got a quote on Ultracraft and decided against them mainly because we decided to go with beaded inset. We did fall in love with a stain that we are trying to match with our custom cabinet maker (storm gray on rustic alder - it's a gorgeous grayish green). I don't know how that is going to turn out since I can't find a picture of cabinets with that stain anywhere on the web and I can't buy a sample from the company. :\ We also fell in love with a double arc mullion door that is crazy expensive (like $3840 for 2 mullioned door 24" cabinets) The Ultracraft floor sample at the cabinet place is a total showstopper.

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