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lynninnewmexicoNovember 13, 2008

I'm looking for some kind of metal sheeting or panels that are perforated and rustproof to use as shelving on our (outdoor) wood racks. We're ordering two of them that are metal. The problem is that every one we find has a depth that is too deep for the logs we use. We have kiva fireplaces out here and they require shorter logs. Regular wood racks allow our logs to tip off.

My solution is to find some kind of perforated metal sheeting that we can lay across the racks to support any length of log, while allowing the air to circulate and rain and snow to drain through . . . but what? Where can we find it and how much can we expect to pay for them????

We'd prefer something that we either don't have to cut ourselves or that's easy to cut with the average+ tool shop tools. Lightweight would also be great.

Just talked to my husband and the racks are 8ft long each. He says that we should figure on a usable length of 88-90" long (each). Individual panels that are about 40" long would be ideal, but we can adapt if necessary.

As for depth, anywhere from 36-45"D would work.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!


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Pooh Bear

Instead of buying something to fix this
why not get some small diameter logs (1.5 inches)
that are long enough and cover the shelf with those.
then stack the regular firewood on top of them.
Or you could use slats of wood or cut down pallets.

Sure, the wood you use will eventually rot,
but it is easy to replace, and can be free to get.
Pallets can be found for free, and you can take slats off those.
Or you can find scrap wood that is being given away.
If nothing else, get a sheet of 3/4 CDX plywood
and cut it to fit, and then cover it with roofing felt.
These are just some alternatives to buying
a big heavy expensive piece of metal.

Pooh Bear

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Thanks for your ideas. You're right, wood would be cheaper and easier. I was thinking more towards drainage and rotting when I came up with the metal sheeting idea. But a cut down pallet would solve the drainage problem and could easily and cheaply be replaced when it did rot through. Thanks!

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