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jeriAugust 16, 2013

I've made the individual ramekins for a small gathering with great success. Now, I would like to make Flan for a party of 30. I was thinking of using 10" glass pie plates - would you agree with this approach? Do you think one 10 inch pie plate for would provide 10 nice slices?

The big question I have is the syrup that pools around the bottom of the flan after it is inverted. Serving individual ramekins means there will be plenty of this syrup for everyone. How does one insure this with a pie plate? Can you make extra syrup somehow and ladle a bit over each slice of flan on the plates?

As always - Thank you for all the help!


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What about this? You could just make the extra caramel and pour, but I also thought this was an especially nice presentation for a crowd.

edited to change link. original one went with the photo, but directions seemed to make only a pie pan's worth. Here's one to bake in a 2 qt dish like the fluted one pictured:

Here is a link that might be useful: Party Flan

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I think a round cake pan would be preferable to a pie plate.


Here is a link that might be useful: Flan

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I just saw a recipe somewhere...for flan in a souffle dish. I think I can find it later, let me know if you want it. The one pictured above is gorgeous!

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You certainly could make straight custard flan without the surrounding caramel sauce. Then, separately make the caramel sauce and refrigerate. Pour over each serving as presented or pour over the entire inverted custard . That's how a local "gourmet" store sells it: custard with the separate sauce poured over.

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Here, we make big crème caramels! Use a souffle dish or a pretty one like above.

For 4-6 people :
5 fl oz milk
1/2 pint cream
4 large eggs
1 1/2 oz soft brown sugar
1 tbls water
4 oz white sugar
vanilla essence
Put the white sugar in a pan and heat until it melts and becomes a uniform brown colour. Take the pan off the heat and gently add the water. Pour into the base of your dish.
Put milk and cream into a pan and heat gently while you whisk together the eggs, brown sugar and vanilla in a bowl.
When the milk/cream is steaming, pour it onto the eggs whisking then pour over the caramel. Place dish in roasting pan and pour cold water round the dish. Bake at 150ðc for about 1 hour. Chill.

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Thanks everyone!

Wow OlyChick! That sure is a good looking Flan!

I ran a test with a pie plate - I wanted to make it 3 days in advance to be sure that would work too. We just enjoyed it last night. The good news was there was plenty of sauce to go around! I guess this should not surprise me as I used the same recipe I had for the individual flans, so there should be the same amount of sauce, but I just didnâÂÂt think it through I guess.

The pie plate was less than ideal because it was too shallow. This made it difficult to get into the water bath and made a mess when inverted.

For this event, I will be going with the suggested cake pan even though IâÂÂm sure a souffle dish would work too. :-)

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