Need help from a metal worker.

slyostNovember 10, 2004

I am searching the forums in search for help. I need someone to make a miterbar for a jig I need to build. I have a craftsman table saw with a nonstandard miterbar slot and need someone to make me a bar for a sled that I will build. You can email me for the details. I will pay you for your time, materials and shipping costs.

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See if you can find a miter bar with a slide bar too wide for your table slot and have a machinist trim it to fit your slot.
Mike A

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That is why I came to this forum to find help with this. I don't know any machinist. Maybe I need to look on another forum.

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buy an oversize bar and draw file it to fit.
Or look up machine shops in the yellow pages and find one that wil mill the bar you need.

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Where are you located?

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Just use wood for the bar.

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