Recommended laquer or other coating for brass?

dilettante_gwNovember 26, 2006

Hi --

Can anyone recommend a brand of lacquer or other coating that I could use to protect the finish on a brass light fixture? I know that I would want to deal with polishing it once it's installed.

Will the lacquer turn yellow? Would it be better to have it coated one professionally? How would I find someone who could do it? I'm in the Boston area, in case anyone can recommend a particular business.


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There is tinted yellow lacquer for coating brass, but any brand of clear gloss works fine.
Deft clear wood finish gloss in a spray can is a good brand.
Spray an even coat on without getting any drips.
You can use multiple light cots allowing about 30 minutes between coats.
The next coat actually melts into the previous coats.

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Thanks, Brickeye. I appreciate your advice (as always -- you've answered a lot of my questions). I've never heard of Deft -- do you know who carries it?

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Evil Orange has Deft.

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