Make a Garden Trolley

chezzrobNovember 4, 2004

If you can use a disc grinder and can weld thin metal, try this for a project.

Make a medium size steel garden trolly. Purchase two pneumatic tire sack trucks when they are on discount.

With a little thought, you can cut the welds and use the steel to make a 4 wheel garden trolley with a front turn table and pull handle, all from the sack trucks. The sack trucks are called P handle type.

I used 2 inch mesh to make a tray as I use the trolley to carry spray equipment. I walk with it, to use a 50 Litre (110lb) container with a 12v spray and car battery all in the trolley. You could tow it if need be.

The mesh can be dangerous to little fingers or dog legs getting in the way of the turn table, be aware of this if you use mesh. A solid tray would be safer.

If you would like photos and critical clues please email me.

The kids love it!!


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Homier sells 300# cap. 2 wheel dollies new for $15. I bought one just to move a mini-lathe out the door to the jeep and ended up putting a stone moving bucket on it...moved about 9 ton of 2B limestone and firewood around this summer with it. that import dolly is nothing to brag about quality-wise but it's well worth $15 as a useable tool...should work well for your thought.

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My next trolley will hold 50,000 lbs. or more... I got the stuff to make it.... Just need time...

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not sure I'd wanna be involved with 50,000 bus was 15,600 and it was crippling. I think at some point you have to take a step back and say "looks good right where it is...where's my waitress?"

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