Question for Megapea. Welding wire source too

gooseberry_guyOctober 19, 2004

Hey Megapea,

How's that new welder doing for ya? Are ya still burning holes that ya need to patch?

I was looking through the website I posted for the FAQ's on welding, brazing, and soldering, and I noticed a thin gauge, flux core welding wire called: Twenty Gauge. It's supposed to be great for sheet metal up to 28 gauge. The info page that comes up for it looks real impressive.


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I'm getting better. I did a muffler on my car with tail pipes, and while it's not perfect, I did pretty good. I will also look up that web site and see what else I can learn. Thanks so much for checking in! I'll post again when I complete my next project.

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I bought a 220 volt Lincoln 135 Mig welder a couple of years back, it is one of the best additions I ever made to my home shop I use it just about every week for something. I have a old Murray mower 1985 model that the mowing bed has more welded patches than original metal. Really comes in handy on the old mustang convertible body work, that is what I originally bought it for. I use the .023 mild steel wire roll and 75/25 shielding gas.

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