Advice on repairing a stovetop?

FlowerkittyOctober 9, 2004

I wonder if anyone on this forum can advise. I got an older tappan gas range free from a neighbor. It's a good stove for me since it is non-electric using pilot lights instead of electric ignition and we don't have electric in that part of the kitchen, plus the pilot lights would help heat the frigid back of the house. He said it works great. But it has a 3 x 1/2 inch chunk broken off the edge of the lift off cook top. There are also a few cracks branching off the hole. Neighbor said he guessed the top had a natural weakness in the metal at that part. Is this something that can be repaired by welding? I don't care about looks although I wouldn't want any lead solder on a cook top. If so what kind of place would I take it to be fixed? An auto body shop? Any ideas would be appreciated

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That would be tough... There is a lot of expansion going on with the heating and cooling. I think if you got the room that I would bolt a plate under to hold up the missing part... You could counter-sink some bolts to make it look good...

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Hmmmm... That is a tough call. Pictures would help for us to be able to make that recommendation, but without them a few thoughts come to mind:

What kind of metal is it? Steel, aluminum? That can make a difference.

Do you have metal working skills/tools? If not, then it could get pricey to have a shop do the work.

What is a lift off cook top? Is that like a flat griddle that goes over the burners?


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Thanks for the replies! I am going to see if I can get my stepson over to take a picture for me. With a lift off top, the entire top of the stove lifts up from the front, so you can clean around the burners. There are wire legs that pop up on each side to hold the stoveop up while you clean, similar to a raised hood on a car. The entire top can be removed for a major cleaning. On these tops, the edge is shaped into a raised rim so spills won't run off the edge. It is the raised rim that is broken. It isnt flat, but we might be able to put a piece of pipe under the rim. A new stovetop would be the best solution. This is the first stove I've had that didnt have a model number I can find, but there is an old bar code tag on it. Obviously I need more info to proceed. I will be back when I know more. Thanks a million for the headstart. What a great web site!

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