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bigtree130October 2, 2004

I am wanting to try to make some yard art (birds, animals, etc), out of scraps of metal and junk like old bicycle parts, shovels, etc. Has anyone tried making anything like this? Would love to see what you've done.

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Hi, just to let you know we are still here :). Sorry, I havent ever done any yard art, but I'm not all that artistic either :). I mainly make things I need around the place here and a few things just for fun.


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My yard art is antique engines and water pumps...

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There's some good ideas at htt://windandweather.com It an on-line catalog of pre-made items for sale but one of the metal animals (a dog)has all the parts they used to make it.I have a shovel bird I'll try to get a picture of and have some more ideas that I've cut out of magazines. If you go to the garden junk forum and look for a post titled "pics of my garden junk and yard" and click on the link you can see the huge spider we built. It's on the first or second page.

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