What do you guys use for removing pet hair?

jasdipFebruary 17, 2013

I hate how the pet hair clings to black pants and shirts, etc. I also hate buying and throwing out the lint roller sticky tapes. Ideally, I'd like a brush of some sort that's great at removing hair.

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I usually just use masking tape or that wide clear packing tape. Those brushes that advertise you can use and rinse them look interesting--except for the fact that I don't want that pet hair going down my drain to clog my pipes. Guess they'd be okay in summer when you could rinse outside.

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The Evercare Pet Hair Pic-Up Mitt has worked pretty well for me, but I see that it has mixed reviews. I keep it in the car so when I visit my friend that has a million dogs, I can get the hair off my black pants. Before that, I would keep a roll of wide shipping tape in the car and wrap it around my hand to get the hair off.

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One caveat about the sticky stuff: it took awhile, but I finally figured out that was what was giving me problems with my iron. It became quite draggy and left residue on the clothes, even after going through the laundry. That roller works great, but I iron most of my cotton clothes so it's out for me.

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Oh that's a GOOD warning, sjerin!!! Hubby does all the ironing and I haven't heard him comment anything, but on the same note, that residue could very well make the lint and fur stick even more.

I just bought a little one from the dollar store. I'll think of something else in the meantime. I keep masking tape in the house all the time.....I label all of my frozen food with it. I'll try it on the clothes, but I find there is so little tackiness with the tape. It barely sticks on the lids of my containers when I first put it on. So not sure how effective it will be as a lint remover.

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2" wide plastic packing tape, roll it around your hand, sticky side out, stuck to itself so that it fits fairly snugly around your hand.

Can use masking tape, but I think that's a bit less sticky ... and I could well be mistaken about that opinion.

ole joyfuelled (without any help from misplaced dog hair)

P.S. My friend had misplaced his trailer keys, a while ago ...

.. .and the recently-arrived pup just came out with them in her mouth ...

... so she's justified her keep, for today, at least.

o j

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I have read that a clothes brush is good for this, though I've never used one. Supposedly, you brush against the nap to raise the hairs, then brush down the nap to remove them.

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I will try that, Joann--thanks. OJ, your friend was pretty lucky his little doggy has learned to find his keys for him!

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Izzi is a red ball of fur. However, she only gets on one recliner and it is leather so I do not have that problem. I don't know what else to tell you.


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rubber gloves

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Box sealing tape is OK but the silver miracle, aka duct tape is far better. Pat with it, don't rub it. And don't pet the cats with it, pat them if yer gonna.

I've heard the suggestion to use rubber gloves for furniture and the like, but it seems usually you need to have a firm backing for brushing it off. So put the clothes on and give each other a massage maybe? Or use the tape and play police officer and frisk each other. Duct tape works as an adequate substitute for handcuffs, as I'm sure you well-know.

Come to think of it I used to have one of those brushes that you'd brush one direction, then brush in the other direction to empty the brush out. One style had the head of the unit slide back and forth on the handle for left or right hand use, one style was just the head part itself and another was on a pivoting head. It worked well. Wonder where that went? Don't see them for sale anymore but you might find them if you look around.

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Oh my, Jasdip, you make your hubby do all the ironing?

I can't even fathom that visual....... LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Schticky Roller

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