Cutting 4' thick stainless steel.

deni_albOctober 13, 2010


I need to cut a 4" thick stainless steel plate (nope, not a safe lol).

I don't need clean nice cuts. I ordered a cutting torch but then I read that it might not function as stainless steel is designed to fight oxidation.

Will a metal grinder work? This will be done in the field so I can't use a metal shop or large equipment.



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You just have to "persuade" the bank manager to open the vault for you! LOL J/K

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A dead one, lack of responses.
I have cut 4 and more inches of steel on the MG flat pattern mechine, this has to be done in a factory, not the field.
Amount(length of cut)?
Accuracy ?

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I'm usually reluctant to answer to someone who is registering and post something what doesn't really belong here.

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