Fat free half and half strikes again!

lpinkmountainAugust 20, 2014

Just had to share this laugh with you folks. Called BF on his way home from work and asked him to stop at the store to get lettuce for tonight's salad and a few other things, including half and half. I'm thinking the little pint cartons of h&h, not even bothering to give a more detailed description. So he comes home with a QUART of fat free half and half! He said he thought I would LIKE the "fat free" version better! I reiterated to him that the whole POINT of the "HALF" of half-and-half was the milk FAT! At which juncture in the conversation he said, "Next time, get it yourself!" ;) I think the only reason this product exists is to confuse poor non-foodie shoppers!

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I hear your pain. The one that makes me crazy is the "classic meatloaf" in the case at Whole Foods. That's what it's called in big letters. In little letters too far away to read it says "vegan". I assert that meatloaf, by definition, can't be vegan. I make vegan bean and lentil loaf. In a loaf pan. It's a loaf. No way, no how, not ever is it "meat".

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Reminds me of my tuno noodle casserole made with tofu. :) Or my "hamless" salad made with barbecued tofu. Perhaps this is BF's payback for all of those. At least he doesn't have to eat tofurkey!

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Who amongst us hasn't heard that response?

I try to remember to be very specific about what I want with my DH who kindly does most of the shopping. But there are sometimes details that it doesn't occur to me to include.

I think we have both made the mistake of coming home with a big carton of vanilla yogurt when we intended to get plain. The cartons look so similar and I hate the excessive sweetness of the vanilla stuff.

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Disclaimer: I have absolutely no true complaints in the errand boy department and believe me, I repaid him the favor and then some!

Don't get me started on yogurt! I can't even navigate the yogurt aisle anymore--low fat, fat free, greek, fat free greek, low fat greek, french style, kiddie yogurt, organic, natural, yogurt mixed with cream cheese, with active cultures or without, artificial sweeteners of every ilk . . . all the brands . . . not to mention all the flavors and then you find one you like and they stop carrying it!

And then there's the lure of "It was on sale!" ;)

I was thinking last night they should call it "Half OF Half" to be more accurate. Or maybe just "Half."

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Totally agree with the yogurt aisle issues. None of my standards are available anymore. I guess I can understand that mango didn't survive, but not even plain old raspberry that isn't sugar free and full of artificial stuff?

But to be fair to BF, fat free half and half has got to be the most ridiculous of all. I don't understand how they can call it half and half. I guess that was never standardized so it's half and half of what?

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CA Kate

I've wondered that myself - half this chemical, half that chemical?

There was a mantra going 'round a few years ago... "If your grandmother wouldn't recognize it (the list of ingredients), then DON"T EAT IT!" I'm following that mantra more and more. Heck, what if I DONT recognize the ingredients!?

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Wow! "Fat-Free Half and Half"..... Just picked up some of that garbage myself-by accident. And yes, I am a husband/shopper. What the heck is the point. And too, the yogurt fiasco! Your words echo my thoughts exactly, right down to the part where anything I ever liked, they've stopped offering. Evidently, I'm not alone!


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"---I was thinking last night they should call it "Half OF Half" to be more accurate. Or maybe just "Half."---"

Actually it should be 1 +1/2. ?

It's whole milk + 1/2 cream.

dcarch :-)

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My wife is the one that bought the fat-free kind, and I didn't want it and wouldn't use it. I went away from the "creamers" because of the crap in it we really don't want to be ingesting, and the whole point is to avoid eating stuff that is not food.

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Only a few stores in our area carry cream where the ingredients only list cream. I don't like the ones with additional thickeners like carrageenan and guar gum. Our regular grocery store used to carry a brand that was just cream - now Whole Foods is the closest one that does or if are willing to get a half gallon we can go a bit farther to Smart and Final to get a half gallon of manufacturers cream that is just cream - much cheaper per ounce but only worth it if doing something cream intensive. (I guess in addition to the grandmother's ingredients test there is the browser spell check test - both carrageenan and guar got the misspelling underline when I typed them.)

Yogurt buying is simpler for us because we buy it in the quart containers. There aren't so many offerings in that size.

If I want fruit yogurt, I swirl a spoonful of jam in. Voila! You can have any flavor you can buy or make as jam (or jelly or preserves).

We get Straus Family Creamery which is just milk, sweet buttermilk and the bacteria cultures. We used to buy Mountain High - that has pectin which I don't find as noticeable as the gums but I prefer the texture of this. That was the brand that had very little difference between the plain and vanilla cartons.

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I wish I ate yogurt fast enough to get the quarts. It goes bad on me. I can't hardly even find PLAIN yogurt in the little cups! Re the cream, you'll have to make ice cream. Back in the day I used to be in charge of an old timey fall festival and we made hand cranked ice cream. I had to go to a special dairy and get cream by the gallon and make the mix of cream and sugar and vanilla up in advance. Saved a bunch of money that way though. I like to buy organic half and half since toxins tend to settle in the fat of animals. But I already figured I was pushing it just asking for half and half, let alone make him search all over the store for the organic stuff. They keep that in a special aisle, but don't always have the dairy products stocked.

One time he could not find pita bread, he came home with something called, "pocketless pita." He said he searched and searched the whole store and that was all they had in the "pita" category anywhere. He wasn't in a very good mood on that one either! Pocketless pita??!! Another oxymoron, IMHO.

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I am a Canadian but live half a year in Florida

I do buy that half and half when making LOTS of Pina Coladas for parties with the ladies

We all feel we can drink more if that Fat is reduced and have a great time.
Unfortunately or fortunately it is a once a year party

When I am down there though there is this yoghurt that I buy and I think it is only available in the U.S. as I have never seen it here But it is from a dairy and farmers on the East coast One of the little states up in the north
I can not think of the name of the Yoghurt but it is one of the best i have ever tried.
They make butter I believe and some cheeses I forget all what they sell but the only thing available is the yoghurt down in Florida.

I originally found it only at Publix and was more expensive than any of the other yoghurts
But after a couple of years Walmart began to sell it and cheaper. So probably hit sales at Publix That Walmart sure has done alot of harm to other businesses
We have lost lots of little shops up here in Canada to Walmart. Even though often it is less expensive I make a point of going there not very often at all.

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