cheap stick welder

bedsOctober 24, 2005

Hello all. Looking for some confirmation before spending on a new toy. I haven't welded since shop class in high school many years ago. On occasion I think I could use a welder for some household projects. There is a cheap stick welder for sale for

$70 US at a local chain store. Does anyone have an el-cheapo that they use successfully for occasional household projects? Is this going to be of little value because it's so cheap? I realize the mig is the better choice, but thought I could get some fun use out of a cheap stick.


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Got a boat?? Need an expensive anchor for it??

You're not going to get much enjoyment trying to use these bargain box welders. If you expect to do any amount of welding, you need to look at the Lincoln tombstone welders or something similar. They are at least designed to produce an acceptable weld. A small 90 amp mig welder would be a better choice though, over a stick welder for most small welding jobs up to about 3/16 - 1/4 inch material.


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You could get a Flux core welder or one that will handles both types of wire. Your insurance Company might not like a argon bottle or any other gas in your home. I`ve have a Century arc welder it`s a stick welder and I think it a 100 amp welder good for light work. It runs off 115 house current and has it own line to the fuse box, some of the new welding rods are really easy to use and weld with.Just keep the wire good and dry and out of the dampness. I use mine for repair and small projects. Stay away from the type that you turn a handle that turns a long thread rod to increase amperage. If the buzz box has a cooling fan all the better mine has and was about 200 buck 10 years ago.I like the looks of the mig welder by clark that has the spool built into the handle Less likely to bird cage on you,and a 2 pound spool costs around $11.30

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Thanks guys, This cheap one is a 70 AMP and I don't think I'll go that route. Wait till I save up some more for better quality or flux core.

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Howdy guys and gals I just noticed this new forum, I hang out on the tomatoes forum, as I love to grow vegetables.
Metal work, woodwork and guns are the others.

ThatÂs me in a nutshell!
On to the cheap welder, if you want a cheap welder thatÂs just what you will get.

What I think is a good deal on a home welder is a miller syncrowave 180 SD.
It will tig and stick weld any thing you will come across at home.
The thing cost me 1,700 dollars; I opened up a machine account at a welders supply and paid the thing off.

I have a 300-dollar mig welder that the rectifier has gone out in and since I have the other welder I havenÂt gotten around to fixing the thing.
But will some day (LOL)
Every one I know that has purchased a CHEAP welder has had the same problem.

Look for duty cycle and the amount of amperage that you plan on welding most of the time.

I can weld all day at around 90 amps with mine but if I go up on the amps I need to cut back on the weld time accordingly to let the thing cool off.

Some of the cheap welders have a poor duty cycle and even if they say you can weld 90 amps, you are on a 20 or 40 percent duty cycle, this means that you have to stop welding for 6 out of 10 minutes on a 40 percent duty cycle.
Not a good deal.

So to end this long-winded speech, if you can afford it and have good credit or self-control saving money buy a good welder that will handle the job and give you good service the first time.
Take a welding class if you cant weld very well or donÂt know that much about it.
Buy a good book on the subject from a community college and read, read, read and practice.

Old habits are hard to break and a good set of experienced eyes is good thing to have.

I hoped this helped and will see you guys around more often.


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Hey Guy,
I was in the same deal as you are. Went to SAMS on a sugestion of a friend and bought a LINCOLN Welder for $183.00 and it will weld about anything you want to weld.


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