Bending Sucker Rod

osucowboyOctober 19, 2010

I am a currently working on a homecoming project that includes a small thirty foot long roller coaster track. We are using 3/4" sucker rod for the tracks with rebar spacing in the middle my question is to find out the easiest way to create a consistent bend with the sucker rod to create the curves at the end of the track. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated feel free to throw in any suggestions for the entire project if you feel like it.

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In my sheet metal shop i have worked a lot of different steel,
but what is Sucker Rod

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It is long pieces of solid steel bar about 1" diameter I believe and the ends are threaded so they can be attached together. It is used in oil wells, it draws the "sucker" up and down the well casing to suck the oil to the surface.

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