Do I need moulding at the top, and is it too late to add it now?

amandasplitFebruary 2, 2013

During the planning process I didn't know if we were going to get an 8 foot ceiling, so I got 93" tall cabinets and we ended up with a 2.5 gap between the cabs and ceilings. I thought I'd like having a few inches to "breathe" but now that everything's in I'm not so sure. Is it possible to add the moulding at this point? How would you attach it?

I'm posting a picture, do I need the moulding, or should I just leave it?

Thank you in advance, oh wise ones!

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And by moulding I just mean filler. I don't think a fancy angled deal would work - but I'd just like to sandwich a straight white filler piece. But how to attach?

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Yes, it looks like spider habitat. I would put a piece of wood up there to fill in the gap. There's probably a trick to attaching it- someone will know.
Lovely light in your house!

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Spiders, you're right! Ok in the course of me writing this post I am now positive that I want fillers. But how to attach. Hm. Thanks!

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Yes. Filler is a good idea here for practical and aesthetic reasons.

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You definitely need at least filler, molding is optional depending on your esthetic; your shaker style doors would go with a straight 45" molding. Any cabinet installer can install fillers, and do install fillers all day long. :)


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I would go for an architectural looking molding to match your aesthetic if you could vs just filler. There will be a slight seam if it's just filler going straight up from where it ends now - where you have the change to really set off your cabinetry with molding that could be really sharp. It doesn't have to be floofy traditional looking - something that matches your style. That said, It's hard for me to judge how much space there is there. If it's literally two inches or so, get the filler and be done with it. It will also raise the effect of your room - vs bringing it down with that gap.

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Sophie Wheeler

You attach a clean from inside the cabinet. Then look at doing a simple angled wood crown molding, or even a simple cove crown molding. Both would fit the modern look and be more complimentary than a just space filler.



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Not sure how the molding was applied on my cabinets but I think it looks good with Shaker style doors. It is a 2 piece step crown about that measures about 3-3/4 inches. I'm sure a good carpenter could add molding now. I think it would look better with crown than the open space.

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oh dear absolutely put the moulding on. It will look so much more finished and not be a problem in the future trying to match the paint color that has aged a bit. Good luck!

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I am confident that hollysprings meant "attach a cleat" from inside the cab.

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badger gal, I love your moulding!

I measured this morning and it's 2.5 inches.

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I just measured mine and looked at the order from the cabinet maker.
The order calls it square crown and it was for 3 inch and 2 inch crown
Then top piece on mine measures 2 inches so I assume the one under it is the 3 inch. The underneath piece is actually showing only 1 inch. So the total height of my crown is 3 inches not the 3-3/4 that I said earlier. You might still be able to do a step crown with 2 inch on top and only have a 1/2 inch of the underneath board showing.
Hope this info helps. I love how your kitchen is looking. Good luck on the finishing details.

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badgergal, I'm so glad to see this close up!
That's as simple and clean as I'd like to have.
How to deal with a ceiling that's over 1" bowed!?!


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Fori is not pleased

Yup, you need it. Badger's is good!

Is your gap consistent enough to pull it off?

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It's consistent, the question is just if the contractor is going to kill me for changing my mind...and will he want to do the work?

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Your contractor should graciously do it! It has to be put on AFTER the cabinetry anyway. With my cabs, we had to wait and play around with what look best on the cabs were installed. You should be in good shape - this is the time to figure it out :-)

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Fori is not pleased

You'll have to order it from the cab company to get it to match, unless it's a regular old paint color. If that's the case, it'll be pretty quick.

Looking pretty good so far, tough!

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