Best wallpaper similar to this? Old Victorian home...

sarahandbrayJanuary 3, 2014

Hi there!
I've never posted on this forum before but I practically lived here for the past 8 years working on a bathroom and kitchen gut job!
Now that the big problems are out of the way, it's time to re-wallpaper the dining room. This is the ONLY room in the house I would like to keep wallpaper in as I've stripped TONS off of the plaster in the other rooms.
I'll attach some photos but here are the specs--
--1870's Victorian (but I don't like busy/fussy/fuddy-duddy)
--room has darkish wood trim, original dark wainscoting, and built-ins on one wall (so don't want dark wallpaper)
--there's also a Black and Tan original Italian marble mantle in the room (wouldn't be my choice, but it's not going anywhere)

Here is the wallpaper that is up now, that I really don't mind, but it's in horrible shape. I like the monocromatic look rather than multi-colored, I think.

Where are some good websites to find similar wallpaper? And since this will be my first wallpaper job (learning on YouTube, like I've actually done successfully for other home projects!), any suggestions are appreciated!!!
Thanks so much!
Sarah in Albany, NY

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Built ins and wallpaper

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Trim and wallpaper

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Annie Deighnaugh

Not monochromatic, but looks great in a victorian and they are so lovely...check out Wm Morris wallpapers.

Do a search in google and you'll find lots.

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It's actually a Jacobean floral so transitional arts and crafts and in an arts and crafts colorway

Look at Bradbury and Bradbury's Morris Alternative Wallfill "Marigold" in apricot for something very similar but in a Wm. Morris pattern.

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check out Sanderson...

Here is a link that might be useful: Sanderson wallpapers

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Wow, thanks!!! I'll take a look!
Pattern doesn't have to be identical or anything...I just kind of like that it's light, not too terribly "busy," and also not super-modern. I feel like wallpaper I see is either Asian-inspired, too fussy, or modern/geometric-ish.
Excited to see the options out there!!

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Since it's your first time wallpapering, I would recommend that you keep in mind what kind of installation method your favorite papers require. The higher end papers are often not prepasted, and some even require that you trim the edges before hanging. It's not a deal-breaker, but it would be extra stress for a newbie.

I actually find hanging paper on plaster walls easier than on drywall. It seems to have more slip so you can adjust the paper better. But plaster does often have an imperfect surface, and old houses are notorious for out of square corners and walls. For that reason, I would avoid anything with a strong vertical or horizontal pattern. One tip is to paint or prime the walls in a solid color that is very close to the background color of your chosen wallpaper. Then any gaps or mistakes at the seams are hidden.

It's hard to find wallpaper books to look at anymore, but my local Sherwin Williams store has a decent number, so you might try there if you want to look at samples in person. I tend to lean toward the collections they term "Masculine". Most other patterns they have seem too floral or kitschy, especially for an old house.

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You can go through Aimee wilder designs wallpaper and suggest you to try some wall murals or canvas art to your wall.

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Take a look at Thibaut wallpaper, they have beautiful options. I have it in my half bath and the quality is great. The style linked below is one of my favorites.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thibaut wallpaper

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Thibaut and Bradbury bradbury are going to be what ends up in our home. If you look at the bradbury lines you will see that they are somewhat bold, but continue looking at each color story and you will see the fill patterns many of which I can see in your lovely home. In addition they are period appropriate which IMO is a priority for such a lovely space.

Many of the bradbury papers have gold or copper colored leafs on the design. It's very similar to what an old paper would have, though applied differently and the shine they give really makes that old woodwork sing. Be sure to order (and yes you do pay for them) samples and as noted above, go for a simple pattern because they are very expensive and from experience I can tell you that hanging wallpaper with a distinct large pattern is a nightmare in a victorian or older home. Level, Plumb or Square....pick two and hope you picked the right two is our contractors saying. I hung a mural in DH's room and it was HELL! I mean sheer hell to hang. Corners are not square, the ceiling is not level...argh it was awful, but with a smaller pattern would have been so much easier!!!!

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I've found some really nice and affordable wallpapers at Lowes! I've got a few from there that are going into my new home :)

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I hope debrak doesn't mind me posting her dining room, but look at what she did with a stencil! You could make whatever color combo, with as little contrast as you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: stenciled dining room

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I'm with Oly -- I think this is a perfect opportunity for stenciling. You have more leeway for color choice and can get exactly what you want.

My own experience with wallpapering an older home is that there was a lot of waste due to doorways and windows. Somehow the seams never worked out right to minimize it. And with a large pattern repeat, unless the walls are the right height, there's the potential to lose a lot there, too. This is not so important with less expensive wallpapers, but with a fine paper it hurts to cut off those big chunks.

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OK, thanks everyone!
I would say here are a few tweaks to my story--
**can't break the bank--$260 per roll of 30' just isn't going to work for me (two teachers, HUGE home with other more pressing renos in progress)
--I think I like Damask print
--not sure I like the shiny or fuzzy wallpaper. You're talking to a girl that has stripped room after room of each decade' hip wallpaper off of tons of plaster, so I'm a little bitter ;) But who knows--maybe I can open up!
--we're talking a room with 3 doorways, 3 windows, and a fireplace. TONS of cuts going to be necessary so need as easy and foolproof as possible
--was AMAZED to find that some of my favorite "wallpapers" on Houzz were actually stencils!! Do tell me more!! (I associate stencils with the apples and cow motif the previous owner sponge painted on the old soffit in the kitchen. Country chic horrors!!)

I have a Sherwin-Williams rep in the family, so anything they have in store is readily available to me.

Can't visualize just on monitor so I'd definitely need samples.

Thanks again for all the help!!

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I definitely sympathize with the budget concerns, Sarah (I'm a Sarah, also, btw)! I lusted after B&B wallpaper for both my first bungalow and this current one, but it's very expensive for something I could so easily mess up. You might consider one of their friezes if you can afford a splurge, though.

Stencils could be a great option, and very authentic in the handprinted wallpaper vein. But don't discount some of the widespread wallpaper lines, either. And check eBay and Craigslist. I did a small bedroom in discontinued Thibaut wallpaper I found on eBay, and I recently bought ten double rolls of grasscloth for the future MBR on my local CL!

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Have you researched American Blind and Wallpaper? I've used them several times over the past 25 years and have always had good luck, even on returns. You can speak to someone to get a better description of a wallpaper before you order if you're unsure. The savings can be up to 50% and the selection is phenomenal.

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What are some good, easy, regular wallpaper brands?

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Check Then search by Book Style, then by possibly traditional. That might point you in the right direction.

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