joining a samurai sword blde with a wooden handle

yellowfish25October 2, 2007

what would be your best option yo use

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Doesn't the blade have a tang? I am picturing the samurai sword as having a wooden slide-on handle so they can be taken apart. Husband says there is a method, which locks the wood handle onto the tang for use. Blade is cleaned and cared for with handle removed, since wood takes different care than metal. You might want to go to the Blacksmiths forums to ask more specifically, for details.

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They are held together with one or two Mekugi pegs. They are bamboo pegs which pass thru the wooden Tsuka(handle) and the tang. I collect Japanese swords:P
Remember that if you are planning on actually using it for anything (going postal on veggies or fruit, beheading a watermelon, etc) Use 2 pegs, you can get them on Ebay pretty cheap.


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