Sites with plans for projects?

joel_bcOctober 19, 2008

I'm hoping to find some good sites with plans for metal-working projects. I've got an oxy-acetylene welding rig, vices, anvil, drill press, and basic shop tools. I'm hoping to find free plans for both decorative things and devices or machines that may be useful in the yard or on the farm (I live on rural land). I've been doing Google searches with limited success.

I'd consider sites that sell plans, too - if the site illustrates the end result with pictures and tells you enough about it that it's clear it's worth building.

I can't help suspecting, also, that there must be a few decades-worth of metal-shop plans from old publications like Mecanics Illustrated and Popular Mecanics that could still yield useful items. Anyone know if these have been collected?



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Curious: has this forum essentially gone dormant?

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Just so you know there is someone out here I thought I would reply. I can point you at a couple of good magazines for shop projects -> "The Home Shop Machinist" or "Machinist's Workshop".

If you like farm type projects try this forum. No packaged plans, but some great ideas and pictures.

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blindstar, I'll be checking those out. Thanks for the response.

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