How to put square peg in round hole on metal door?

cube1067October 22, 2004

Mounting a security bar on basement fire door. Instructions call for 5/16" hole to be drilled, then with a hammer you pound a hexagonal nut into the hole. Instructions say two or three hits with hammer will do it. I pounded until I was tired but canÂt get the nut to go through the hole. I want a tight fit. Do I need a sledgehammer?

A separate problem: painted this same door with Hammerite. That paint was difficult to use! I brushed it on the trim and rolled it on the door. As it dried, I saw drips on the trim and roller marks on the door. Overall, I'd give my end result a C+. Any tips on using Hammerite? (the paint that gives the hammered finish).

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You need an anvil for a back stop... Banging on wood does nothing...

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Try having someone hold a 3 pound drilling hammer against the door on the opposite side from the nut location. It may provide enough mass to allow the nut to be driven in.
Another method would be to use some metal to spread the load on the off side and a piece of all thread and a nut to pull the other nut into the hole.

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Toured Home Depot and came back with a "reamer" and a 3lb drilling hammer. I got the elevator bolt through the hole, but because of other problems (misread instructions) I had to uninstall and reinstall the bolt. The reinstalled bolt does not sit perfectly flush now, so now I am looking for help on some type of hard drying epoxy/resin filler to put in the small gap between the elevator bolt head and the steel door. Thanks again?

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