hole on gas on gas kitchen stove? help!

clagaOctober 31, 2006

My parents own a gas stove that also heats their home by natural gas. The problem is the top corner actually cracked and fell apart now leaving a 1" by 1" HOLE in the front corner of the stovetop which looks horrible as well as very unsafe. (very sharp corners, as it is old rusted metal) The stovetop is almond in color and has 4 gas burners on top. It is an old 36'Glenwood, Century model gas on gas stove.

How would one go about fixing or building up that corner to make it at least safe? It has also split about 6' down the side, between the burner and the edge of the stovetop. I'm just afraid one of them will lean or fall into it.

They don't sell gas on gas anymore and we looked at one second hand stores and they didn't seem to be much better off.

Any ideas on how to fix this one?

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I'll probably get a warning or expulsion for this, but go to weldingweb.com and post a pic of this problem. I'm sure someone there can help.

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I do 1 of 2 things when a gas on gas goes in one of my rental apartments.

1- replace the stove with a standard range and add a baseboard heating system using the domestic hot water heater.

2- replace the stove with a standard range and add a ventless gas heater to the room.

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