Cutting corrugated metal roofing panel

commongroundOctober 30, 2006

I am building an outbuilding that I want to cover with a corrugated metal roof.

The roof is square and has a pyramid shape (hip roof) with a 30ð slope. The bottom edge is 9' long.

I need to cut the 5'x32" panels at an angle to cover the whole roof with 8 sheets of that material.

Can someone tell me how to cut that?

The tools I have got are a jigsaw, a hand shear, a circular saw, a 4" and a 7" grinder with cutting wheels and a table saw.

I can stack 4 sheets to make the same cuts.



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Buy a cheap steel(not carbide)blade for your skilsaw. Put it in the saw so teeth are pointing backward.Get some earplugs/muffs and safety glasses/goggles,set saw to cut full depth,lay metal on grass upside down and cut it.

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