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oldbat2beJanuary 2, 2014

We had 12 inches of snow by 4 PM and the storm hadn't even started:)

One of our projects this year was our family room. Here are a few pictures with the outside floodlights on. We love how warm this room is - the dark floor is fabulous. That said, it's hard to portray this warmth usually because the room is so dark.

Please share your Hercules pictures too!

I would take some pictures of the family room but DH is parked out on my sofa.... more tomorrow :)

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He left temporarily to bring in more wood for the fire.

P.S. Happy New Year my GW friends!

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Beautiful room, OB! It' very cozy and that view is gorgeous! Your sweet pup is adorable . . . huge, too (LOL).

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Happy New Year OldBat2Be.
I'm not sure what you mean by sharing Hercules pictures though.

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Thanks lynneinnewmexico, justgotabeme. Hercules is the first Nor' Easter/ blizzard of 2014:). So consider this a 'reporting from Storm Central in New England' thread ... Otto is only 105 pounds or so... We snow blow a path to the back yard for him and call it... Wait for it... The Otto-Bahn:)

P.S. Lynne- really loved your Xmas pictures.

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LOL Love the "Otto-bahn". Too funny.
I knew there was a big storm but had not heard it's name. I lie in eastern NE and we had a light snow yesterday, but nothing since. They don't name storms around here so I was lost on what you meant by Hercules. Snow sure is pretty, but got it can get nasty too. I hope you don't lose power or have to go anywhere.

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Holly- Kay

Happy New Year OB2B!!!

Your room is looking wonderful and a nice touch to have a fire going.

We are in South Central PA and it is still snowing here. We probably have 5 to 6 inches on the ground and it is snowing steadily. I closed my business about 45 minutes after the snow started and it was a hair raising drive home!

Love the Otto-Bahn, too funny!

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I didn't know they named storms in the north either and I loved your Otto-Bahn story! Your snow looks so pretty through the windows of your cozy room. It's warm in comparison here but I am shivering in my chair here.

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Here in SE PA it is snowing like crazy but at least it is a light powdery snow. I had book club at my house tonight and only the neighbors who could walk made it over. I shoveled the walk before they arrived and now you can't even see it. We are not supposed to be clobbered quite like New England, thank heavens. However, it is supposed to be bitter cold.

I always try to get out and shovel before people walk all over the snow and pack it down. I have the front and back walks, a driveway and a lot of sidewalk since I am on a corner.

Good luck to those of you who are getting clobbered.

Ohh -- Otto-bahn. Too funny. He's cute.

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oldbat, what a beautiful room to spend a cozy winter eve in! Love the photos and Otto too.

It's a funny snow -- so fine and light that there isn't much accumulation on our surfaces because the wind blows it away. It's like sugar blowing through the air.

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Holy Guacamole! I wouldn't know how to act with snow like that. We got about 2" a couple weeks ago, and it really shut down the city. Where does it all go when it melts? I imagine it's a mess!

It sure is pretty tho. Otto appears to enjoy it.

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Here's a corner of my back yard when I let the dogs out early this morning. School was cancelled yesterday and today, so kids around here are thrilled -- two extra days of vacation! We're used to snow, but it is soooo cold, which even in Boston is a a bit extreme (when DS walked home from a friend's house last night, it was -2).

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Taken at 6:00am this morning....I think we have 22" so far!
In the midst of it yesterday, I was out shoveling and the mailman walked up to me with a package. A very lovely Charleston Cobblestone candle from my brother and sister in law who live in Charleston! Great timing!
It's bitter, bitter cold out, still snowing a bit and terribly windy. Staying put with my tea for now!
Becky, I've never heard of naming snow storms either...

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Forgot to say, oldbat~ love, love your room!

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Pesky, it takes about ten or so inches of snow to make one inch of water.

OB, your room is just gorgeous! I'd camp out in there. lol.

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we probably have about 8"... the pups are struggling!! i shoveled a path too, but they like more room to choose the perfect spot!

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I think they started naming the storms so that they can make the storms seem as bad as hurricanes. It's about enticing people to watch the weather channels. It's ridiculous. How did we get to "H" already? Anyone remember the storms with the A to G names?

We (60ish miles NW of Philly) had about 6-8 inches and it's a light, fluffy snow. The type skiers like, I think. A few weeks ago we had less inches but there was an icy crust that made it heavy to shovel.

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OB2b, love the pictures of your beautiful rooms.
LoriBee, what a nice gift and cozy picture.

Hope everyone stays warm and safe. While we were up in Michigan for T-giving on the shore of Lake Michigan we got 18" of snow in 24 hours. It was so much fun because we took my toddler grandchildren out to sled on the hill at the side of the house, making sure my sons caught them before they ended up in the lake.
I guess it's easy to sit here in the SC sunshine and say I miss the snow.

Glad too that someone asked about Hercules. I wasn't aware they were naming snowstorms either.

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The Weather Channel started naming the winter storms last winter; the National Weather Service refuses to follow suit.

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Winter storms have their niceties: The feeding birds are fantastic :)

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Oldbat, you had me confused with the first pics....but that is the fireplace room, not the family room. FP room looks cozy too. Enjoyed your pics, especially Otto.

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awm funny hearing snow called "like sugar" but even in your picture it appears like that. Like tiny grains instead of flakes.
What a lovely picture and nice surprise Lori. I'm glad I'm not the only one that never heard of winter storms being named. The bad ones around here eventually get named by the year. Like the Blizzard of '75 where many folks were stranded at the mall in Omaha, so they opened up the theater to them all and played movies until the storm passed and the mall parking lot was cleared so it was safe to drive home. For years after whenever there was a bad storm predicted teens and twenty somethings gathered at that mall. LOL.
These kinds of snows remind of my dearly loved Maggie Doggie and how she loved romping in the snow. By the time she came to the door wanting in she often had a pile of snow on her nose. Never captured that on film or memory card, but this is one of my favorite pictures of her. I sure do miss that sweetie doggie. She was taken from us by the food additive from china. (And yes I know I should have capitalized that, but haven't been able to since we lost our Maggie)

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We got between 9-10 inches here in central NJ. Our smaller pup had trouble navigating at first.


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Annie Deighnaugh

I'll rerun the image here as well as slice of life...cleaning up after the storm in 12 degree temps with 25 mph wind gusts.

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Gee, what's all that white stuff? (from here in drought-ridden SoCal). Hope all of you in the NE (and other places) stay warm and dry.

Love Otto. My first GSD was a long coat also.

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Slow going on the way home yesterday afternoon . . .

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Ha ha ha Annie! You sure are dressed right for that kind of weather. I was just thinking yesterday when we went into the town to eat that I needed to find a longer coat because my legs get so cold.

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Beautiful (and, in some cases, impressive photos of the snow. Like the indoor shots, too---look so warm and inviting. But, of course, the real scene stealers are Otto and Maggie---adorable dogs made even cuter with the snow.

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