Clock for over my fireplace?

CaroleOHJanuary 16, 2008

For over 10 years, I've had a twig wreath with silk flowers in it over my fireplace.

I need a change! I had initially thought about having a twig wreath - different kind of stick wreath made up - no flowers.

Then I came across this clock online and thought it might look nice. I tried to photoshop it to the picture, so it's not perfect, but you get a general idea!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I find the clock distracting and not to my taste, in addition to being too small. A vertical rug, wall hanging, or a large painting would look better to me. Whatever you do,I would go
visually higher than the height of the ivy on the entertainment center. But big! Don't just hang something small high!

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Bumblebeez, I love your ideas. I think a rug or wall hanging would really soften up the space.

We have a clock over our TV and I hate it. In fact, I took it down tonight (much to the dismay of my DH). It always looks like "Oh. It's a-- clock."

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I like the clock there, but I'd add a mantle to give it something to...preside over.

I love clocks. We have a grandfather clock in the FR, a nice mantel clock on the fireplace, clocks in bedrooms, and we just recently put a handsome one over the toilet in the new master bath remodel. Did I mention I like clocks? ; )

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caroleoh, we have similar fireplaces - only ours is old brick from floor to ceiling with a simple cypress mantle. High ceilings - 11 ft. I thought how much fun it would be to decorate, and I managed okay with Christmas decorations (we didn't move in until November) but now I keep trying things, and nothing is really exciting me.

I tried a large painting, but it kind of surprised me that the brick was too busy to compliment it. I've got a pair of distressed green urns that look okay (bought the last two in the store) but could really use a third. They look okay, but still lacking something. I had some old brass candlesticks, but they look too skinny for the massive fireplace. I have a burgundy glass angel wing that an artist did for me in New Orleans; he's deceased and I dug it out of our rubble after Katrina, a little chipped, and it's kind of special to us, but not large enough to be a focal point. Arghh!!!

So I will see what suggestions you get and copy you - ha! Good luck!

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Wodka, I've read your posts about your loses in Katrina, I can't really even imagine losing all my kids baby pictures, etc. It really puts things in perspective - especially silly questions about hanging clocks over my fireplace!

The thing is the stone isn't flush across the front, so hanging a painting etc. of any size would require it to stick out 2-3" on some sides than other etc. I would love to have a mantle, but honestly, we've spent enough money adding new furniture, custom bookcases and drapes. I really don't want to have a custom mantle made - again it's not flush so the wood would have to be routered out around the stone to fit right.

As far as the plants on the bookcase - that's my next post! I hate the top with all those plants, so I need some suggestions for that too.

I was thinking about just leaving the fireplace stone bare. What about that option?

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caroleoh, I think you might be on to something, about possibly leaving the fireplace stone bare. What might look nice is to have a tall tree (fake or real - I'm not a snob on that, fake trees live a lot longer at my house!) to provide some greenery. You could even put it behind your chair on the right, might have to move your picture, but it would give a nice soft background also balance out the room, in my opinion. By doing that, you might want to remove the greenery on the cabinet, but you can always do that later.

Someone once recommended Southern Accents website, to go to the Design Assistant. I just saw a stone fireplace, and they had nothing, no mantle, but on the side it looked like perhaps a large cactus (ouch.) Anyway, maybe we can find ideas/solutions there.

Thank you for your kind words about Katrina. Slowly, but surely, I'm working on gathering old photographs from family and friends (thank God for computers and scanning) and have already got a little "hall of fame" started, as we lovingly call our family photos.

Good luck. Be sure to send an update on your fireplace once you've decided what to do.

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For me, a clock is stressful! I think for a relaxing room, it's nice to just forget the time :)

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I think something sculptural or soft would be better up there. Maybe a wall hanging, or a piece of interesting fabric art of some kind.

I am also wondering if you have ever considered trying to darken the stone some. It seems so cold and grey compared to all the warm colors in the room, and I am thinking that perhaps if the stone had a warmer feel to it, you might not mind having it plain. An enhancing sealer or stain might be just the ticket.

I would also paint out the brass fireplace surround to a deep matte black or charcoal or ORB look.

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