Know of supplies/installers of stainless backsplash sheets in NYC

nycvicSeptember 29, 2005

I want to have a stainless backsplash installed in my kitchen and am getting blank looks from GCs. I live in New York City and would really appreciate pointers. I love the look and utility of it, to be able to just use spice magnets within reach directly from the backsplash. BTW, any specific kind I should use with magnetic property? Thanks!

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Hi Vic

I canÂt believe that this has sat here for so long with no reply.
And I may be late myself "I just discovered this forum.
Yes there are different types of stainless steel some are magnetic and some are not.
I just tested the SS sink and it is not, I donÂt know if ALL sinks are non magnetic.
I wont bore you with all the types of SS, you may have to do some research as to where you can get SS sheets that are magnetic.

You may try getting in touch with a restaurant supply or look on the web I know for a fact that some sell back splashes and pan racks for their sinks and stoves. Try Viking and Wolf for a start.
That blank look you get from the GC is an "IÂm not hungry enough to bother with your special needs look.

Take their names and remember them, they are the wrong guys to have work on or in your home.

I wish I lived near you I could do the job myself, its not that hard.

I hope this helped


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If I were you, I'd give up the idea of using magnetic stainless as a backsplash. It will corrode much more readily than non-magnetic stainless, which sort of defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it? Besides, spices should be stored in a cooler place than a range backsplash.

I suggest you look for a 300 series "austenitic" type of stainless steel sheet. 304 is a standard, out of which most flatware is made (it's 18-8 stainless). An even higher grade is 316, or 317. Any competent sheet metal shop/fabricator should be able to procure and cut to shape a stainless steel panel for your purposes. You could ask them to give one side a high polish or other desirable finish like brushing, as well, if that's important to you.

It will be less expensive if the shape you request has all straight sides - that way a mechanical shear can be used to cut the work. Right angles, even better.

If you really want spices stored on the backsplace, specify a stainless shelf to be installed at a convenient height. It needn't be that deep, as most spice bottles take up only an inch or two of space.

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