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russ1204September 15, 2010

Hey everyone

I'm coming up to five years in my second marriage. I gained an instant family of two beautiful step-daughters to complement their gorgeous mom. I didn't have any children from my first marriage of 23 years, so having young girls (ages 14 and 7) now at my age (56) has been an EXPERIENCE! (caps fully intended - you all know exactly what I mean, right?)

I've been journaling this wonderful experience and now I'm thinking of putting my insights out there for others in similar situations (considering a second marriage with children where you had none before)

I've got five possible titles. I would appreciate if you pick your favorite or suggest another title that you think more appropriately addresses this particular situation:


My Daddy Says

How THEIR Kids Can Make or Break YOUR Second Marriage


Remarried... With Children

Are You Really Ready for An Instant Family?


Love Me, Love My Kids

What to Do When Your Dream Relationship Shows Up... with Kids


Step Right This Way

Strengthen Your Second Marriage Through Your Stepchildren


I Do... Again

Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Second Marriage with Kids


Insert Your Own Suggestion

Thank you so much for your kind participation. As a new member here, I've got a lot to share with this forum. I look forward to getting to know you.

All the best from Toronto,


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#6 RUN!!!

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No idea what Scarlett means, but I'll give you my opinion. I like #1 and #3 the best. Good luck!

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hahahah Scarlett...

I like #1 AND #3 the best too.

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Agreed, but #3 first, then #1.
If you go with #1, I'd not go ALL CAPS on Their and Your, but rather a distinction that's a bit more subtle.

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I like #1 and #3 combined, as in My Daddy Says - What to do when your dream relationship shows up, with kids. The "THEIR kids" part makes it sound like a book geared towards the kind of step-parents that are looking for ways to sabotage their spouses relationship with their children.

#5 might unintentionally limit the audience; there are plenty of people who were never previously married, and whose new spouse has children.

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