Haveing fun with metal working....

kbeitzSeptember 17, 2004

This is one toy I made that I love to have fun with....

All custom frame lawn-tractor engine and tranny...

Yes it runs and drives...

Yep... Thats me... Now you all know what I look like...

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I haven't seen you post it on the tractor forum, so I gotta ask. What do you do for a living? I wish I had as much time as you seem to have to do your hobbies! I really get into making something from nothing type stuff...

Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one!


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Pooh Bear

Kevin you need a pin stripe shirt and one of those flat top straw hats.
Grow a handlebar mustache too.
Then you would look like part of a barbershop quartet.
Can you sing too.

Cool looking little car.

Pooh Bear

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Bring that to Jacktown in October!!
That is a very neat looking toy!!


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That little car covered all the ground a Jacktown more than once...

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hehehe, then once more wouldn't hurt, would it?


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