blacksmithmanSeptember 17, 2004

Here are a few of my projects.

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What did you use to bend your curves ???
Looks good....

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Looks like you truely are an artisan Blacksmithman. Very nice work.
Bill P.

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Pooh Bear

My wife is wanting a small iron table and chairs for the back deck.
Told her when she buys me a welder I will make them for her.

Did you make those leafs and berrys too. How?

Pooh Bear

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Very good work . I wish I had the talent to make things like you do.

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I love working with hot metal. It a new form of metal fabricating I just started.

Kevin - I make a template welded to some scrap flat sheet stock to form my repeated curves or radius. I heat my stock using a coal forge and clamp one end and pound or bend the material into place. I can use the horn on the anvil also. I do have a hand bender with different diameter round dies to for small rounds.

Pooh Bear - I made a special tool I mount on my anvil which I use to bound the vains on my leafs. It is a "C" shaped punching tool with a punch that looks like a curved chisel. I hold the red hot stock with tongs and hit the spring return "chisel" to form the vains on the leaf. The "grapes" I make by resistance welding a wire to ball bearings. I mig weld the 1/32 diameter curled wire and the leaves to the 1/8 diameter stem which gets welded to the frame.

I will post some more pictures of my tools and me working on the hot metal in the future.

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The finished wine rack was missing from my original post here it is.

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I too have many "homemade fixtures" for bending circles and such. One thing I also did was to add a stub of 2" sq. tube to the bottom of each. This would fit in a fixture I made that came out of the hitch on the back of my truck, and up to waist high. Many are just 1" cuts of various dia. pipe.

I would love to see a pic or 2 of your spring loaded chisel


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Great looking stuff you've got there! How'd you do the rings for the wine rack? Metal bender, or some kind of ring roll or slip roll? I've seen pics for a homemade ring roll that I need to make some day to get nice circles.........


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davidwczerr - I used a welding positioner that had a chuck attached and I used a pipe to form a long coil which I then cut up and welded to form rings. I just purchased a ring rolling fixture but it will not roll 1/4 diameter rod to a 4" I.D. needed for the wine rack. It may roll 3/16 to that size but I havent tried it. I bought it from Harbor Freight. It will also roll flat strips. I will try to get some pictures of my tools in the future.

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