Brazing rods

bogmanSeptember 15, 2011

Has anyone used the Bernzomatic brazing/welding rods.I bought a pack of wb5 rods and looked them up on Bernzomatic's site but they give no info on their use. Can they be used with a standard propane torch or is more heat needed.

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Bernzomatic WB5, 4 Pack, Premium Bronze Brazing Rod, 60,000 PSI Tensile Strength, 1600 Degree Working Temperature, Flux Coated, General Purpose Brazing Rod For Steels, Copper, Galvanized Or A Combination Of These Materials.
This for bronze soldering. A standard torch would work on small joints, but is close to max heat of torch. hope this helps

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Wow, 1600degF... that's 4-500F higher than most so-called silver solders... some say you're NOT going to get there with propane, and will need MAPP gas to achieve that with any small DIY single-tank type torch.

I have the Bernz-o-matic JTH7 torch, which works with both propane and MAPP. It has a long flexible hose and very ergonomic torch. I highly recommend it. (Safest when used with the short squatty canisters, as they resist tipping over, due to mild tugs on the hose.)

OTOH, you didn't say what your application was. Temperatures above certain thresholds can destroy the temper of the work pieces you're trying to braze. What would NASA do? ;')

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Or just use oxy-acetylene.

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