Old BBQ and copper gutters

grandblvd03September 10, 2007

Don't know where else to ask my questions and both deal with metal, so here it is.

I have an old barbeque pit, made of brick to match my 1928 bungalow. It's a simple pit, a rectangle with a short tower. I am converting it to a planter, have removed the brick around the short tower. Underneath is the very heavy and solid metal tower, and I think I'm going to have to torch it off the rectangular base -- is that correct? I think it's probably solid iron. Where do I get a cutting torch? Can I rent one? Do you recommend having someone do this for me? What kind of handyman would I ask?

Also, I'm replacing my old copper gutters because they are twisted, split and not doing the job. Is the scrap copper worth anything?

Thanks for your advice.

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For the metal tower, I would first try advertising what you have and someone will probably be willing to cut it out for you if they can keep the metal. If not, yet, you will need a cutting torch. I'm not sure if you can rent one or not - try Home Depot.

The copper may be worth something - copper prices are pretty high right now. You can call a scrap metal place and find out. You could also call places that supply metal roofing material. They may be able to steer you in the right direction.

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Too thick to cut off with a saws all with bimetal blade?? And don't forget what the other person said - scrap metal has value so don't just toss it away.

good luck


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