cutting a stainless steel shelf

BosCitySeptember 17, 2013

I'm buying this shelf and will need to cut the 24" length down to about 20". After searching these archives and the 'net, it seems I should make this cut with my angle grinder and a cut-off wheel. I'm planning to put some cardboard over the shelf pieces, then maybe a thin piece of wood, then clamp it down. I should add that there is a bracket and a separate shelf that fits onto the bracket.

I don't need a perfect cut since the cut edge of the shelf will be in a corner, but I'd prefer it look decent. Plus, from the look of this product, I will need the shelf and bracket to stay fairly straight so they can be joined.

Will I be able to get a neat cut? Or will it warp and bend?

Thank you very much.

ps- I need the shelf to be approx 4" wide. If anyone knows where I can buy a 20" one, that would be great, but I've looked to no avail.

Go to this link, then see "Gallery Ledge 4x24"îistryId=2604309&fromrgl=1&utm_source=web&utm_medium=wishpot

Here is a link that might be useful: Gallery_Shelf

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To add a bit, doing more research, I've seen that there may be jig saw blades that would do this job better than a grinder.

I'll appreciate your suggestions and experience.

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go with the angle grinder, and use a thin 1mm cut off wheel, (they are designed to cut Stainless) an do a great job, and because they are so thin produce nearly no heat and no warpage, I use them all the time,
P.S go for the "Name Brand" as they last so much longer than cheaper ones
CHeers EC

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