Richelieu Undermount Sink Clip

APuckish1February 4, 2013

Has anyone tried these clips? They seem like the perfect solution (even if I have to epoxy them myself). My kitchen sink was installed by the granite guys about 7 years ago and dropped into the cabinet last night. I am leary of an irreversible installation (I know nothing is irreversible, but epoxy is an opponent I don't want to throw down with), and this looks like the ticket, but I worry about what appears to be a perfect solution that isn't widely sold.

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While those brackets may be a good solution, I can only speak to how our sink is mounted.
Our installers siliconed the sink to the underside of the granite and then attached shelving brackets to the inside of the sinkbase cabinet to support the sink.
Here are a few pics.

Right side

Left side

Sink from above

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Or you could use the Sink Setter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Setter

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If you keep plugging away long enough...I finally found what I was looking for in this posting from the Glue Warehouse. These folks seem to have it all together (including next day shipping via warehouses that are a day away from 99% of any location in the country according to them). I really like smart and they seem smart. Slight downside is I need to buy 10 kits, but the total is only $15. They also have the construction grade 100% silicone adhesive that is the first hassle in proceeding with this project (no, neither of the big boxes has it that I could find).

Anyone need an undermount hardware kit? I'll try to post the successful conclusion to this. Thanks for the input.

I also had help from AskTheBuilder ( that did the best job of laying out the requirements and making me feel that this is an eminently doable task. Just wish I could get my wife to be happy with the delay in figuring it out and implementing!

Here is a link that might be useful: Glue Warehouse blog

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