DH watches TV all the time!

alexanndraSeptember 9, 2004

My DH watches TV from the moment he wakes up until the moment he falls asleep. I mean, even while at work! (He's the owner, so he can watch TV and write reports at the same time!). He even has cordless headphones so he can listen to the TV while he sits on the toilet! The only time he can't watch TV is in the car, but then it's the radio. I am not a TV fan, in fact, I hardly ever watch it (just Nip Tuck!) and I'm constantly amazed at how he doesn't get sick of it EVER! He says he's not really watching (I'd say that's true about 50% of the time), but he just likes the sound, the distraction, whatever. So, you guys are probabaly wondering why I didn't realize this before, but for the first 7 years we just dated and didn't live together, so I never noticed, but since we married, I was in for major shock. He is actually really intelligent and hard working, not a fat, lazy couch potato. It's just some wierd addiction, I think. I've tried to talk to him on numerous occasions, and he doesn't get mad or defensive... he just keeps watching it! Help!

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I have a friend who used to do that, and she still turns it on as soon as she gets up, and can't fall asleep without it. I noticed it when she stayed with me for a few days and wanted *my* TV on all the time...drove me nuts, and when I asked her, she said the same thing your hubby did - it's the noise, not the actual TV.

With her, I just told her I thought it was unhealthy, and that I couldn't stand having it on at my place all the time, though I didn't care what she did at her own place. So while she was there, whenever we weren't watching something and she turned it on, I just turned it off (reflexively). LOL We're pretty close friends - she realized what a problem it was when she had to keep turning it back on (and was really "aware" of it for the first time), and has been working on it since then, or so she says.

My MIL does the same thing - no talking to her though. She's having a *really* hard time understanding why DH and I opted *not* to have cable TV...she can't imagine how anyone could live with just the 5 stations we get with our antenna. I'm just glad I don't have to live with that...luckily, her son sees it for the "noise" it is, and doesn't have that problem.

I'm kind of suprised you didn't notice it before though - my DH and I just got married after dating for around 7 yrs as well (living apart), and by the time we got married, we'd spent enough time at each other's places that I was pretty used to his habits already, good and not-so-great. ;-)

Can you ask your DH if he'd be willing to try the radio instead of the TV during the morning/day? It's still noise, but at least it might be easier for *you* to put up with instead of the TV all the time...might be a decent compromise if he'll agree to it. Probably not much chance of changing that particular behavior though if he's been doing it so long and you've already talked to him. Sorry...

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My dh has to have either the TV or music on at home from the time he gets in the door until he turns it off for sleep. At work, he needs the radio. He will never just watch TV either. He will be reading or on the computer or working on a hobby, etc. while it is on. Also, the radio at work does not interfere with his job.

I have found that when I am home during the day, I don't turn on anything. That is the only time I get to enjoy the silence. I must admit, though, we do enjoy the same TV shows at night and we also like to watch movies together.

I hadn't noticed this before we were married either. My biggest mistake years ago was putting a 2nd TV in the bedroom. I had never had one in there and never realized that he'd take over that room as well.

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I think that network TV is more harmful to society as a whole than fundamentalism in all its many guises...

and saying I think there's something worse for the country than a republican controlled government is saying a lot.

DH is a videophile, comes from a family of technoweinies (BiL installs home theater systems that cost more than my house as a HOBBY, their dad's worse, if that's possible) and owns one of the most extensive video collections I've ever seen...

thankfully for me, his TV didn't survive the move into our lovely little hovel- and since the mortgage proceedings the week before had left us both PETRIFIED- and the state of the house left us a little pale as well...he agreed not to replace it until the house was liveable.

two years later, the last of the defunct appliances has been removed, the vinyl floors pulled up in the bedrooms, the plumbing nightmare under the kitchen sink resolved, and the grandson of the poor cat that the PO's kid abandoned when he moved Nanna into the retirement community is vetted and trained not to jump on the counters...

I kinda had to admit that I missed movie nights.

turns out that DH had been working 2 hours of over time a week, every week, since this started...

damned TV's bigger than my dorm room in college, and has more speakers than my old boyfriend's 'love wagon' van...

but it doesn't get turned on until after dinner, unless by special agreement- and we are never, ever, not even if they invent a package that's $10 a month and only gives you weather, food, HGTV, and Cartoon Network (ie the only reasons to turn the thing on in the first place)

so, I guess the only answer is to start sabotaging the TV's ;)

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I held firm to the "no TV in the bedroom" rule when we got married - we have one in the living room, one in the pool table room, and we'll have one in the "movie room" downstairs when it's complete, but that's *it* - no TV in the kitchen, or the den, or any bedrooms at all. MIL can't really understand that (she falls asleep to TV, and wakes up to TV, all in her bedroom), but I'm not budging on that one, no matter how cute DH is. ;-)

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Mine does the same - but then my nose is either buried in a book, or I'm listening to music or old time radio programs (I LOVE OTR!) and playing on the computer - so if he is watching the boob tube he is leaving me in peace! We call it "Parallel Play" and is probably what has kept us married for 17 years!!! We were both loners prior to marrage, lived alone, and are very much homebodies. We are both very protective of our privacy and this works for us!

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