Need to strip old metal kitchen ... do I sandblast?

girlgroupgirlAugust 24, 2005


I have been storing an entire 40's kitchen for many years, for my kitchen renovation. I'm hoping we can get to it next year, and I need to begin thinking about sending it out and also my metal kitchen furniture to be stripped and re-painted.

Can I have this stuff sandblasted?



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If you know what color you want, have it stripped and .... aw heck, I forgot the name of the process, but it's based on using an electrical charge to attract the enamel to the metal

Used a lot for office furniture, very durable finish.

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Electrostatic painting is what lazygardens was trying to think of. Here's a link below for information from one source.


Here is a link that might be useful: Link for ya.

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I'll probably take everything to an autobody shop to get it painted (I also have lots of vintage iron furniture and plant stands that could use a more rust resistant finish) - including our vintage fridge and stove! I'm sure most of them use electrostatic paint (if they service old cars made out of real metal) since it is so much less messy. Maybe they could paint my fiberglass furniture too - since they would be also painting fiberglass on cars!

Thanks everyone!


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If it's one of those old metal combination sinks and counter units, it's probably porcelain enamel - and that should be restored by a high temperature firing method. Paint just won't be the same or as durable.

Otherwise, there's powder coating, which is more durable than most paints. It's also baked on, but at a lower temp than porcelain enamel (which is really a thin layer of glass).

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