requirements to volunteer coach at H.S

Sally BrownleeFebruary 11, 2013

I am helping to coach the local High School softball team this year.
While childrens safety trumps everything...I am stunned at the amount of paperwork I have to do:

FBI background check $33
- now have to go get fingerprinted
Criminal history check ( different from FBI) $10
Child abuse history clearance $10
Arrest conviction report
Need to get a physical (district pays for this)
Health history record
Notice of right and duties
Workmans comp information
Homeland security employment eligibilty
local tax papers
cerificate of residence
direct deposit form

It has been 25 years since I was hired in my current job...I know a lot of this is school related, but man there is a bunch of paperwork!

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Our district require an official Coaching certification. It requires attending classes at an accredited school - usually a community college. It covers the background checks, finger prints, etc.

They study coaching methods, sports injury, etc. It is not a "one time" kind of class- it is quite extensive and expensive.

You have to re-certify every 5 years also.

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If you are volunteering, why the W4, tax papers and direct deposit form?

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It's curious how you have to have more in background checks to volunteer than the teachers have to have for employment. Volunteers are usually with someone else anyway, where the teachers are with them individually a lot. Just another of the screwy things done in the schools.

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My DH is a high school tennis coach earning a stipend. He too had to go through all that to teach. It was all paid for by the school district but it's still a lot of stuff to deal with.

Back in 2007 I did fingerprinting (ink and LiveScan) for our local police department for just such reasons.

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Sally Brownlee are right. I do not have to fill out the wage-related things...the packet has the same info for paid or volunteer.

Cynic, I am almost always with a coach. However, having the opportunity to develop relationship with the students could be inviting to the wrong person.

I just was surprised at all the overlapping checks. I would think the child abuse and criminal history would show up on FBI SS# should be sufficient to snag any and all mischief (one would think)

If the system requires all those double checks, it's no wonder people slip through.

Funny thing though...after school hours the school is pretty open. Kids, parents, coaches coming and going.

Monday night we were having trouble with the lights in the gym. The coach asked me to find a custodian to help. I wandered around quite a bit of the school before I found someone. I know i was undoubtedly on camera the whole time, but I could have easily been up to no good and not found out until they had a reason to check the cameras....
I dont have a good solution...lock down all hours would be a nightmare for everyone...I am just surprised how easy it is to walk the whole school 8:00 at night.

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And I bet no one really thought much about how vulnerable the school is in the evening before a few months. We just changed security at our PTO meetings at the beginning of the year - instead of leaving the door open and everyone letting themselves in, we have to have someone at the door to let people in and meeting attendees sign in at the door, not once they reach the meeting in the library. It makes sense - a school isn't really secure unless it's secure 24/7.

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Wow! I sometimes volunteer at the school. All I do is get my driver's license run through.

Our school has started stricter access this year. They rent out rooms to certain non-school groups and churches after school and on weekends. Just about anybody could be there.

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