Can you paint brass fixtures?

laurajean_2009August 29, 2009

We just redid our house in silver grey color. The carriage lamps that were on each side of the front door, after all these years have pitted and discolored. They appear to be solid brass.

Is it possible to successfully paint them black and have them last, or should we just invest in new ones?

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They need to be stripped first, as it is likely there are remnants of original lacquer finish, typical in keeping brass bright.
If you are going to paint them, getting them abrasive blasted would remove the old finish, patina and all while providing a good tooth for paint.

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Thanks for the info, al. I'm thinking the cost for having them abrasive blasted around here ($$), and not knowing how the longevity of the paint will last, it may be better and cheaper in the long run to just get new ones. I thought maybe it was something I could do myself to get away with it cheaper and be just as good.

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You can find out if solid brass with a magnet, won't stick to brass, or aluminum. I've "refinished" metal before. I used some stripper to get any finish off, lightly sanded used rustoleum spray primer and a few or 3 light coats of their paint. It's been 5 years now and they still look ok, outside cheap lights. One day I will get around to purchasing something I actually like but the ones I have are still o.k.

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If they are a high quality brass, they should have developed a nice verdigris patina after many years. The patina that forms on copper or high copper alloys like many brasses actually protects the metal against further corrosion and allows copper based materials to last a long time, longer than any other metal. Many people prize that aged, copper patina look with it's classical elegance. Yes, you could clean them up any copper or brass and paint them, but keep in mind that like any paint, the paint will weather, oxidize, fade, chip, flake, peel and need to be refinished.

Here is a link that might be useful: Copper Home Decor

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