Need to have part made for old chandelier -- Who? How? Where?

dilettante_gwAugust 31, 2005

Hi everyone --

I need some info/advice about how to go about getting a replacement part made for an old chandelier, if it can be done without spending a fortune. It's a small, solid, c-shaped piece, about 4" long (straight line from end to end), 3" wide, and about 1/8" thick, and it's purely decorative (no wires run through it). I don't know for certain what type of metal it is, but it looks like antiqued brass. (A magnet doesn't stick to it.)

I believe that a mold could be made from one of the other identical parts (see link to scan). A small hole would need to be drilled in the end so it could be attached, and I'd like the finish to be reasonably close to the finish on the rest of the chandelier. I know nothing about metalworking, so I don't know who could do this or what terminology to use. I'm in the Boston area, but I'm willing to mail the original part if necessary. If anyone could tell me what kind of shop could do this for me (or better yet, recommend one you've used), I would really appreciate it.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks, Pobept. I called a few foundries this morning, and I found one that makes replacement parts for antique dealers. They told me that they could probably make it for me, or if not, identify the metal and tell me who could. Sounds promising.

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Hi -- I just thought someone out there may be wondering how this turned out. The foundry confirmed that it was brass and said they could cast a replacement part for $65. I thought that seemed very reasonable, considering the labor involved and that this is the Boston area. It'll take a few weeks because they'll do it the next time they're pouring brass. That was fine with me, since it's likely to take me that long to find an electrician to hang it.

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