hi requency box ; arc to tig question

alfamanAugust 15, 2010

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just bought an old high freq box; how do i set it up?

it's a lincoln 5835 high freq box to tig weld with my ac/dc +/- lincoln arc welder

i found the manual online, but am unclear how to set this up....it has a watercooled tig torch, but i might convert it to a gas cooled torch

the unit looks like this:


no...i didn't pay $500!...anyway could anyone give me some suggestions..

link to manual



convert arc to tig

...i've allready looked through all the posts on this subject (as well as on other internet sites) and wanted to ask some opinions

I am not a welder, but my father is quite good with oxyacet and arc...never used a mig or tig.. also his eyes are not what they used to be....

we will be attempting to repair some rust on an old alfa i have (have sheetmetal i cut from another car...wish me luck).....

1. I have a new (used once) lincoln ac/dc arc welder that i am going to try to do some tig welding with...it has ac and dc (+)(-)

anyway was wondering if anyone had any specific recommendations in regard to this specific unit.....(settings, named equipment, other tips)

as i said, thanks to this forum and others, i have a very good general idea on what to do....but am about to go out and buy what i need and wanted to check here before i do

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