Please advise on metals for 126 inch by 30 inch dining table

bobliteAugust 25, 2013

I want to build an inexpensive but strong dining table, 126 inches by 30 inches, as light as possible, part wood and part metal, and would appreciate advice on the metal components to use, given the design I have in mind.


TABLETOP - WOODEN: Buy two 80" x 30" hollow core blank doors and cut one down to 46". Reconfigure 46" x 30" section so it has the same end config as an 80" door, at both ends. Join the two pieces together and maybe strengthen the assembly with some 0.25" plywood glued or screwed or both to the doors.

LEGS AND FRAME - METAL: The frame, of metal, should be like a "parson�s table", rectangular with legs at the corners, and no supports or braces except for maybe on the legs that most likely will require reinforcement.

For the 126" table sides, I am thinking of using an L shaped metal on each side, minimizing the size of the metal. What size and type of metal would provide enough strength to avoid sagging in the middle of the 126" length of the table ? Should a third 126" rail be included on the centerline of the table (centering longwise) ? Are there T braces that would be better than L braces ? Or maybe box shaped braces ? Would it have to be steel or is there any aluminum product that would work ?

For the 30" table ends, I would use the same material as for the 126" sides.

For the legs, I am thinking of elongated boxes, say 2" wide and 3" long and 29" high, attached to the horizontal frame of the table first by bolts and second by welding. Probably the legs (boxes) should be allowed to have reinforcing braces between legs and the horizontal table top support frame.

COSMETICS: Legs and frame should be covered by wooden cladding of an attractive veneer to hide the metal.

Are there materials that would support this design adequately, or is this design unrealistic?

Maybe I should post a drawing or a picture of what I have in mind ? Or is this verbal description sufficient ?

Will much �preciate advice.

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L is called angle with 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 being the most comon sizes.

If you are going to paint it then carbon steel will be the cheapest and easiest to work with.

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