new to welding, what to use for this project?

keithruckAugust 16, 2009

I haven't welded, but I'm very handy. I need to weld pieces of angle iron (steel/iron bed frames) into a 3-D arbor that can hold some heavy plant growth.

I don't have any other projects, or need to weld anything else- just a bunch of these bed frames. Since they will be outside, I don't need the welds to be pretty, just functional. I'd like to find out what the most cost-effective welding options would be.

I don't have a 220 outlet, and I don't have any high-amp circuits, so I'm assuming I need to either go with gas, or wire up a new circuit first?

Has anyone used the 115 Volt Spot Welder from Harbor Freight- would it be sufficient for a project like this?



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I'm not a real welder, but I do a reasonable amount of welding. Gas or electric you will probably to practice a little. If you don't care about looks or some warping, due to heat, I think gas would be the easiest to get right on the first try. Maybe you can rent a gas rig. I know you said that you don't intend to do any more welding, but you may find additional opportunities. I find my wire feed and torches to be indispensable for general maintenance.

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"I don't have any other projects, or need to weld anything else- just a bunch of these bed frames."

Be advised that bed frames are often re-rolled railroad iron and/or a medium carbon alloy. Which means any stressed joint can crack if improperly done.

To stick weld, use a low hydrogen rod, i.e.7018

Gas torch welding has a wide HAZ and slow heating/cooling, so any mild steel filler can be used.

Pre-heat would be advised with a 115V mig.

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