bending 3/8' 1018 flat bar steel

lascraigusAugust 30, 2009

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to bend 3/8"x1 1/2" steel to a specific radius. The length of the piece is 46", and I was thinking I could do the following: Make a concrete form 2" high in the shape of a quarter circle (to the radius of 23"....would look like a pie slice). Weld two eye hooks at the ends of the steel. Then, using a weed torch, heat the steel until glowing red. Then bend it around the concrete form using two come-a-longs attached to the eye hooks at the ends. Finish it by drenching it with water to harden and set the shape. Any ideas? Comments/Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I would NOT use concrete- it will spall exposed to direct heat and fling shrapnel dangerously, especially with new 'crete.
Since it sounds like you can weld, the typical hand method would be to tack uprights made of flat bar/angle/channel (scraps ) to the work table or a baseplate, at a radius slightly less than proposed to accomodate springback. It is a good idea to leave some tangent on the ends. This can be done cold, given the radius stated, with a cheater tacked/clamped to the end. The start is either clamped or restrained by a stop/pin on the OD.

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Thanks for your suggestion! I think I will stay away from the concrete idea....didn't even come to mind until you said something. Whew. I'm glad this can be done cold!

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