Stainless Steel countertop - raw seams

samlincJuly 20, 2010

I've had a long L stainless countertop fabricated, and I'm surprised to see the seams are raw rather than welded. Does anyone have experience (positive or negative) with raw seams? I'm concerned about water infiltration, sharp edges, etc. Is there any way they can be welded after they're glued to the substrate? Thanks!!

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The seams should always be finished and sealed, both for looks, as well as to prevent moisture from infiltrating. Welded seams would be best of course and done properly, the look is amazing.

As far as fixing it, there is always a way to fix things. depending on your situation, the solution may come down to $$$. talk to the fabricator and see what he says. but if you ordered an L shaped, there is no reason it can't be finished properly.

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In most cases you want to have a finished seam. If it's possible to weld the seam then that's ideal. Pending on the substrate (plywood, mdf, particle board)... you may not be able to weld the seam due to fire concerns. The other option is to run a silicone bead and flatten it out to ensure a water tight finish. The following site has some more information regarding stainless counters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless Counters

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